The First Taste

cliff 3Have you ever climbed to the very top of a tall structure- be it a mountain, skyscraper, cliff, or pyramid top- and immediately feel a sense of closeness to a higher being? There is a thrill to standing there, at the top of the world; the air is clear, your mind is clear; nothing can touch you there, between Earth and the stars. You feel connected to a purer being, one who cannot be touched by contaminated life, that sits below the surface- rumbling, seething with dark glee, reaching up to the purity that is just beyond their grasp.

As you stand there, staring out into the vastness stretched more abundantly before you, a bird’s eye view that allows you to see things more clearly, you don’t feel fear. You are at the highest, purest point of life, where fear is not allowed to touch you. At this height is the intensest element of energy that is attainable to humans. Close your eyes and soak it into your pores; allow as much of it to flow into your bloodstream.

You won’t want to come down from that spot. I sure didn’t. You want to stay there forever, where the light touches the earth with every new morning, and the ebullient stars dance each night. My experiences have only led me so high- never to the heights of Everest or the like- but high enough where I felt this deep connection with a higher being. I never wanted it to end.

As a spiritual person, having this connection is one of the things that makes me the person I am today. I would not be the same without it. Having stood at the heights- small mountains and the Mexican pyramids- that was where I felt most at peace. Rather ironic with the fact that I have a fear of heights. But up there, in close proximity with that Higher Power, I felt no fear.

My belly felt alive with fire; my heart beat, not with fear, but with the knowledge that since I had given in to my fears and climbed this troublesome height, I could accomplish anything. My mind was clearer than it had ever been. The feeling was indescribable. I was utterly and totally unhuman, and as unlike my regular self as I ever could be. My truest self had been allowed come out to breathe and live for a little while.

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